4 Awesome, Apolitical Things About Washington D.C.

4 Awesome, Apolitical Things About Washington D.C.
4 Awesome, Apolitical Things About Washington D.C.

Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve lived here for your entire life, there’s always something new to learn about the Washington D.C. area! Although many may think that there’s no way to talk about the capital of this nation without getting political, there are a ton of fantastic facts to learn that will stun you without having you worry about the current political climate.

These are four incredible apolitical things about Washington D.C. that everyone would enjoy learning! 

One of the Best Paying Areas

This area is infamously expensive to live in, with houses for rent in Washington D.C. breaking records on cost: but did you know it’s not all that bad? Washington D.C. is one of the best-paying places in the country. Ranked #3 in the nation for the best places for people to start out, it offers a far higher rate of pay for everyone from teachers to public relations specialists.  

Of course, it does have the highest concentration of lawyers of any city in the U.S., which could skew the numbers far higher, but most jobs here do start at higher wages than you could find in most cities throughout the country.

The National Cathedral Has Darth Vader

If you love Star Wars and are keen on details and facts that others might not notice: you’ll love visiting the National Cathedral! This cathedral has dozens of gargoyles that protect it and overlook those entering: but did you know there’s a Darth Vader gargoyle? Visible mostly through binoculars, you can view Darth Vader’s head cared lovingly in stone on the northwest tower. This can be an exciting thing to spot during your first visit: but if you’ve visited before and didn’t notice, it’s time to go back!

Washington Doesn’t Have a J Street.

Although Washington D.C. uses lettered streets to guide people east to west, you won’t find a J on these streets. In old English, the letters I and J were incredibly similar, with many using them interchangeably. This would have led to confusion, so instead of risking it, there’s simply no J street. The most recent application of this that was used was that in World War II, there was no J company named so that there would be no confusion during the war.  

This is the Second Busiest Subway System in the U.S.

The traffic in Washington D.C. is said to be some of the most hazardous in the country, so it’s a good thing that it has a thriving subway and metro system. D.C. has the second busiest subway system in the U.S., falling only behind NYC despite having a far smaller population. 

This allows the commute to be safer, faster, and more accessible for everyone involved and ensures that fewer cars are on the road putting people at risk. 

Washington D.C. Is Unlike Anywhere Else

Although Washington D.C. is the nation’s capital, there’s so much more here that’s exciting and interesting besides that. If you’re considering a move any time soon, think about moving to D.C.!

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