4G Mobile Poxy: Everything You Need to Know

4G Mobile Poxy Everything You Need to Know
4G Mobile Poxy Everything You Need to Know

With the advancement of technology and the spread of online business, there’s steep competition in this field. However, this highly competitive market urges additional security to protect their companies from hacking and security breaches. Therefore, to protect the business and personal information of people use 4g proxy on mobiles. 

What is a Mobile Proxy? 

Mobile proxies are used to mask your identity when you are browsing other websites. Being portable they can be carried easily and connected to the internet through mobile data. While browsing certain websites if you face any restrictions, you can use a mobile proxy to hide your real IP and continue surfing.

Mobile proxies hide your real IP and generate a new IP address that makes you visible as a resident of some other country. It may sound like those proxies are unauthorized but no, they are absolutely authentic. Therefore, people go for 3g and 4g proxy buy for their mobile phones and tablets.

How do they Work? 

You may have noticed that while searching for something on Google you often need to verify through CAPTCHA. However, it is because when you are connected to a 3g or 4g proxy your IP address gets changed and hence Google gets suspicious and verifies via CAPTCHA. But, as soon as you disconnect the proxy server you get back to your original IP and that proxy IP is assigned to the new proxy user.

 However, if that user engages in any suspicious activity while using the IP you have nothing to worry about. Because you have already got back to your real IP address and it cannot be detected that you were also using that IP.

Besides, you can also use a mobile proxy to manage multiple social media accounts. If you have more than multiple accounts on a social media platform, they will show the same IP address. However, Google may flag them as fake or bot accounts counting their access from the same IP address. Therefore, you can use a mobile proxy to operate different accounts from different IPs so that it seems that they are operated from different places. It ensures the authentication of your social media accounts and enhances their credibility to the Google algorithm. 

Other than operating multiple accounts you can also opt for mobile proxies for social media marketing. You can check your competitor’s profile for their marketing strategies using a different IP and plan your marketing accordingly.

Advantages of Mobile Proxy 

Availing of a mobile proxy can be advantageous in many ways, here are some of them.

  • With a wide range of various IP addresses in the carrier pool, they offer a dynamic platform
  • They are safe and secure with zero chances of IP getting ban
  • Proxy companies set their modems to as many countries as possible to select a wider location
  • There are no limits on traffic for browsing a site
  • Proxy addresses are rotated via timer or link

Are Free Mobile Proxies Worthy?

These days you may even find free 4g proxy and 3g proxy for your mobile but they are not recommendable for various reasons. Firstly, creating a mobile proxy network is a difficult task. A provider obtains the devices to ensure that they remain connected to the network, and configures the system so that a device is only utilized as a proxy while it is connected to mobile data. It needs hard work and that must be paid off.

Moreover, using a free mobile proxy can be dangerous because it may lack authentication and compromise your privacy and security. Therefore, always opt for a paid mobile proxy provider to ensure the maximum security of your identity while browsing through the required domains.

However, we understand the value of money and you may find it difficult to spend a huge amount on buying mobile proxies. Therefore, proxy providers offer certain premium, mid-range, and ad-free application features. With these options, you can choose the plan according to your affordable range.

3 Best Mobile Proxies 

Though several companies provide mobile proxies, here are 5 best you can choose:


Working primarily with EU and US-based proxies has brought some limitations in its area of service. However, it does not compromise on quality and at the same time fits in your budget. It provides an uptime of 99% on an average basis with the lowest ban rate records. 

Bright Data

While opting for Bright Data you get the privilege to choose from shared and exclusive IPs. Apart from that, it is convenient as the mobile IPs are simply connected via proxy interfaces or Chrome extensions. They have the lowest records of bans and blocks and provide user-friendly service.

DSL Rentals 

With an extensive IP of around 350.000 across 21 locations, DSL Rentals is one of the largest proxy providers in the market at present. Moreover, its features provide you with unlimited bandwidth, frequently changing IPs, and anonymous proxies.

Apart from these, you can also opt for RSocks, Proxy Source, Air Proxy, 3G Proxy, and many more.


With more and more people using mobile phones and tablets for browsing the internet a chance of several issues remains predominant. Hence, to avoid those issues and ensure the security of your device’s IP address mobile proxies are initiated. Using mobile proxies would keep your identity hidden and protect you from security breaches. 

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