5 Tricks You Need To Win Any Escape Room Games

5 Tricks You Need To Win Any Escape Room Games
5 Tricks You Need To Win Any Escape Room Games

Are you ready to become the next Sherlock Holmes? Or simply astound your friends and colleagues with a well-thought-out strategy? Even if you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer, some basic tried-and-tested techniques will help you succeed at escape rooms.

These tips aren’t exact; they’re suggestions, but they’re good to know, especially if this is your first time visiting an escape room near me

My first experience was with escape rooms Virginia, and it was memorable. Below I have curated some basic tricks that will help you enjoy and escape the room simultaneously.

Here are 5 Tricks To Win Escape Room Games:

1. Plan ahead of time

A well-thought-out approach is essential for every escape room game. Because each room is different from the other, there may be no predictable signals or tried tactics, and your experience in one area will most likely not be the same in the next.

So you may want to adjust your strategy for the next one, but having a good plan or delegation such as who will hold all the clues, who will call all the shots, or who will maintain time are all beneficial for escaping.

2. Be on  Time

Knowing the time refers to learning about your event and reaching the location on time. Going in earlier allows you to become acquainted with the environment and be stress-free.

Spreading your knowledge or familiarity is essential, particularly for beginners. Knowing how much time is left is also essential. So you won’t be as surprised when you go into the room.

Going earlier also gives you more time to prepare psychologically. You won’t have to waste time hunting for directions or a parking spot.

3. Follow the Rules

Of course, there are standard rules to follow before entering the room, such as no food or drinks and no photography. However, the guidelines dictate who and what you can interact with.

There are many elements in an Escape Room that you can interact with, while some are simply there to confound you. Don’t waste time-solving things that aren’t puzzles, and concentrate on what you have on hand.

Keep in mind that each Escape Room is created differently. So, when you enter a new room, there may be a lot more interactive things and hints than in the previous one; just stay watchful and vigilant at all times.

4. You’re part of a team

Nobody enjoys a know-it-all. There are times when one individual grabs a clue from another, believing they can solve everything. In certain circumstances, one person simply keeps their thoughts to themselves.

This isn’t why people go to Escape Rooms. Nobody can solve an Escape Room on their own, and even if they can, it’s not very enjoyable for everyone. Remember that you have team members who can help you succeed faster.

5. Enjoy your hearts out

Sure, you went to an Escape Room to put your detective and analytical skills to the test, but don’t forget to have fun with your team! Escape Rooms teaches us about teamwork, communication, and cooperation, so keep this spirit alive.

You don’t have to be very concerned with how many clues you have or how much time you have left. According to our observations, teams that love the game are more likely to escape and have higher and faster odds of doing so.

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