6 Best Award-Winning Anime You Must Watch

6 Best Award-Winning Anime You Must Watch
6 Best Award-Winning Anime You Must Watch

Intro: There’s no doubt that anime is one of the world’s most popular genres of TV shows and movies. Whether you’re a first-time watcher or an experienced fan, there’s always something new to discover. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring 5 of the best award-winning anime series that you need to watch. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War? 

Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane are members of the elite student council of the prestigious, advanced educational institute famous for its challenging entrance examinations. The students of this school are so competitive that they go as far as not even to consider each other as rivals, but rather mortal enemies. Kaguya and Shirogane are no exception – after a spirited fight over who will occupy the top seat in the student council, they have become arch-rivals. While they each assert their respective superiority, there is one thing they cannot deny – that the bond between them is far greater than anyone else’s. Unable to bear this injustice, Kaguya and Shirogane decide it’s time for a challenge, but as always, things don’t go as planned. A secret battle breaks out with no rules between these two, the winner of which will take all – including the school itself!

2. Fruit basket:

Fruits Basket is a Japanese shōjo manga series by Natsuki Takaya. It was serialized in the semi-monthly Japanese magazine Hana to Yume from 1998 to 2006; the chapters were collected and published in 23 tankōbon volumes by Hakusensha, concluding with volume 22. The series follows Toh ru Honda, an orphan girl who, after meeting Yuki and Kyo Sohma, learns that twelve members of the Sohma family are possessed by the animals of the Chinese Zodiac and cursed to turn into their animal forms when they are weak or when they are embraced by anyone of the opposite sex that is not possessed by a zodiacal spirit. The series is licensed for English-language release in North America by Viz Media, which released the first volume under their Shojo Beat label on June 7, 2005. It won the Tokyo Anime Award in 2002 and is still making its name. You can get this award-winning anime from 1337x proxy for a complete series on your device. 

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3. Fullmetal Alchemist: brotherhood:

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Rotten Tomatoes

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an anime series adapted from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga by Hiromu Arakawa. It is the second animated adaptation of the manga following the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist anime, and it retells the story from the beginning. The series premiered in Japan on April 5, 2009. The English version aired on Adult aSwim’s/Toonami on May 16, 2014. It won the award for Best Full-length Animation at the fifth annual Tokyo Anime Awards and was nominated for Animation of the Year at the 2008 American Anime Awards. The story takes place in the fictional country of Amestris, where alchemy, a powerful form of magic, is widely used at all levels of society until State Alchemists discover an unattainable goal called the Philosopher’s Stone might allow them to bypass the law of Equivalent Exchange. The Elric brothers Edward and Alphonse set out to find the stone in the hope of restoring their bodies. 

4. Spirited Away: 

Spirited Away won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize and the Mainichi Film Award in 2002. Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away won many awards, including Oscars for Best Animated Feature and the highly coveted Golden Bear at Berlin International Film Festival. The film tells of a 10-year-old girl named Chihiro who discovers a secret world in her new home. When her parents undergo a mysterious transformation into pigs, she must work in a magical bathhouse for spirits and demons to save her parents. Spirited away is a movie that will take you to a different world.

5. Wolf Children: 

Wolf Children is set in a world where wolf-human hybrids live apart from society. As Japanese high school student Hana falls in love with an American soldier, they will need to face many challenges to be together while raising their two half-human children. The film won the Animation Film Award at the 68th Mainichi Film award and was named Best Picture at the 41st Japan Academy Prize. The movie is about a young woman who falls in love with a soldier, and they have two half-human kids together. Watch this movie to find out if they manage to stay together or not. Mamoru Hosoda also won the best director of the 2013 Tokyo anime award for his work on Wolf Children.

  1. Sword Art Online: 
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Watch Sword Art Online | Netflix

Sword art online, a Light novel written by Reki Kawahara, won the best original story award in the 2013 Tokyo anime awards. The story takes place shortly, where a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online has been released. When the players log into this virtual world, they are informed that they can not log out. If their avatars die in the game, then so will their bodies in real life. If you want to log out, then you can do so. But for this to happen, they must reach the 100th floor of the game’s tower and defeat the final boss. Sword art Online is an action-adventure anime that shows how Kirito, one of the players in this virtual world, tries to get his old life back.


There are many excellent anime series out there, but these 5 have won the most prestigious awards and should be at the top of your to-watch list. If you’re not sure where to start with this new genre, give one of these a try! They’ll provide an excellent introduction for beginners or serve as fantastic additions (or replacements) for seasoned fans who need some more variety in their lives. So what are you waiting for? Get started watching today!

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