8 Fast-Fix Problems for Common Smartphone Issues

8 Fast-Fix Problems for Common Smartphone Issues
8 Fast-Fix Problems for Common Smartphone Issues

Can you imagine a life with your smartphone? Let me guess, the answer is no. It’s plain to see we are all obsessed with our smartphones. We take them everywhere, even to the bathroom. Our phone keeps us connected to the world via the Internet. This is exactly why I am planning to subscribe to one of the Spectrum mobile plans and get internet access on the go. The same goes with the Spectrum TV app with no hidden things.. Since our poor devices go everywhere we go, they crack, crash, slow down and sometimes break down completely.

Our phones are an expensive investment. They deserve extra care. That’s why every smartphone user must be aware of the common phone problems and their solutions. Read on to educate yourself:

1: Poor Battery Life

 No matter how great your phone is, eventually, there comes a time its battery performance deteriorates. Slow charging or battery-draining apps could be to blame. 


  • Don’t use the phone when it’s charging
  • Use a fast charger 
  • Check which apps are draining the battery and remove them.
  • Keep the location off unless necessary 
  • Reduce your phone’s brightness
  • Enable the battery saving mode 

2: Slow Phone Performance 

As the phone gets old, it becomes slower. This happens when you install unnecessary apps on your phone or there are lots of files in the storage. 


To improve the performance of your device, remove unnecessary apps as well as files. Keep cleaning the cache data. If you continue to experience speed issues, factory reset the device.

3: Limited Storage Space

I am sure you or someone you know complains about limited phone storage. Ideally, when buying a smartphone, go for a model with maximum storage. The latest smartphones come with an expandable memory feature these days. See if you can expand yours.


  • Delete your phone’s cache
  • Use cache cleaning apps
  • Delete unwanted apps from your device
  • Move some apps to the SD card
  • Transfer images from your phone’s gallery to the cloud 


4: Phone or App Crash 

When an app or your phone itself crashes time and again, this means there is some bug that’s affecting the performance.


  • Don’t use multiple apps simultaneously 
  • Restart your device 
  • Remove the battery and reset your phone
  • Factory reset your device if the problem persists 


5: Overheating 

When the phone overheats, it’s a sign of a battery problem. Sometimes, the problem is caused by the charger or where you place your phone. 


  • Keep the phone away from the sun’s heat
  • Don’t place it under your pillow when you sleep 
  • Restart the phone and let it cool down
  • Delete apps that slow down the phone’s performance 

6: Damaged Charging Port

Nothing lasts forever and charging ports of phones are no exception. Dirt or misuse can be the possible causes. 


This is a problem that should be solved by an expert but there are few things you can do to fix it?

  • Use a dry toothbrush for cleaning the charging port
  • You may also use a dry cotton swab 

If removing the dirt does not fix the issue, take the phone to a repair shop. 

7: Error Connecting with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Errors like these are temporary and are easier to fix. 


  • Switch the phone to airplane mode for 30 to 60 seconds
  • Reconnect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi 
  • Restart your phone and try again if the above doesn’t work 


8: Cracked Screen 

Accidentally dropping your phone can crack up the screen. I must confess, I have dropped my phone plenty of times, especially when watching shows at night since I have spectrum TV app which I received when I signed up for Spectrum packages for cable.


Ideally, use a good screen protector to secure the screen. Use a silicone case for extra protection. This case will protect your phone from damage even if you drop it accidentally. Ideally get a pop socket as well. It keeps the phone from slipping when in use.

If the screen is cracked because it didn’t have any protective cover, you might have to get it replaced. Take the phone to the repair shop for a diagnosis. If the damage is irreparable, be prepared to sell the phone.


This blog has covered most smartphone problems and their solutions. It’s worth keeping in mind that in some instances, your phone might be beyond repair. Selling it would be the right decision to make.

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