Advantages of using best laptops and tablets in classroom

7 advantages of using laptops and tablets in the classroom

The reality in which we find ourselves reinvented by the covid-19 pandemic has caused an abrupt and sudden stop in areas such as education. A situation that, as in many other levels of society, will generate a cause-effect phenomenon.

This school break will almost certainly mean an acceleration in the increase in the application of digital methodologies in the classroom. An aspect that, even though it was already present in the teaching field, was still slowly moving towards its natural and definitive implementation, even being questioned by some of the agents involved in the educational process.

Is technology in the classroom excellent educational support or a source of distraction for students? Should educational centers increase the number of daily hours that today’s children and adolescents spend in front of screens and devices? Is digital an essential transversal competence for the development of other capacities in the student? Do digital tools offer more motivation to the student but fewer results?

These are just some of the many questions about establishing digitization or not, in educational centers, which were still being debated and questioned despite the fact that digital began its journey as an educational tool within the Spanish educational system some time ago. more than a decade.

Some questions and/or concerns that with the premature closure of schools due to the irruption of the coronavirus in our lives seem to have tipped the balance towards a very definite side; the need to make the leap definitively to the digitization of the classroom.


Digitize the classroom; a need of our time

In 2010, the School 2.0 program of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, set guidelines for the integration of ICTs in the education system.

The objective of the program was to launch the digital classrooms of the 21st century, offering the necessary means and connectivity for its implementation.

To do this, the classroom would be provided with digital resources such as the best laptop for students digital whiteboards, or a secure internet for the teaching community.

As well as the training of teachers in technological media and the promotion of the development and creation of digital content, facilitating access to digital educational resources for application in the classroom.

Despite this great commitment and evident progress in the introduction of ICT in Education,

This challenge to digitize the classroom has experienced slow progress in recent years, partly caused by the past economic crisis that slowed down public investment in education. and technological equipment in educational centers.

It is now when education has found the real need to go hand in hand with technology,

while the suddenness of events has revealed certain shortcomings in the process of transformation between technology and school, which warn of the importance of promoting student digital literacy.

Let’s try to understand why the use of digital media such as the best slim and lightweight laptops, tablets, or other devices in the classroom are essential allies to maintain communication between teachers and students and benefit learning.

7 advantages of using the best laptops and tablets in the classroom

It involves training in Digital Competence for the student

As a key competence in Primary, ESO, and Baccalaureate, Digital Competence seems essential in these new times.

Knowing how to handle the best laptop for students or a tablet in a fluid and intuitive way will favor student learning, as well as teach them to make creative, critical, and safe use of new technologies.

Using technological devices in the classroom promotes the acquisition of textual, numerical, iconic, visual, graphic, and sound language in the student.

Also, knowledge of the main computer applications favors the ability to access information and correct sources, its processing and security, and privacy in digital use, as well as improves problem-solving and communication skills.

This competence will make the student an individual more prepared for their future employability and participation in society thanks the development of an active, critical, ethical and realistic attitude.

Improvement of communication between the agents of the teaching and learning process

The introduction of the best laptops or tablets in the classroom will favor close dialogue between teachers and students, being able to use new and different communication channels and making it a less formal and more spontaneous experience.

In the same way, the wide range of digital tools existing on the network allows fluid communication to be established between members of the educational community, for example, stimulating conversation and exchange of information between teachers and parents of students.


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