Dorýs Madden (Julius Erving Wife) Bio, Age, Children, Wiki, & Net Worth

Dorýs Madden (Julius Erving Wife) Bio, Age, Children, Wiki, & Net Worth
Dorýs Madden (Julius Erving Wife) Bio, Age, Children, Wiki, & Net Worth

Dorýs Madden from Honduras, born on the 17th day of October, 1969. Dorýs Madden went to high school in Mexico (1 year, 1969-1970). She have graduated from ICVC in 1996 and I continue studying and training in the fashion industry. She have a bachelors in Business Administration, and an Masters in Business Administration from Pace University.I am passionate about fashion and beauty. Dorýs Madden am married to my love, Mr. Erving, who has supported me in my venture with my brands.  The Talented Mrs. Erving  She started her clothing line in 2004, called Style Salon. Her brand specializes in dark clothing, studded, pearls, western clothing and sports apparel. Her website states that Style Salon is an alternative line of garments with a message. Its name is inspired by Mr. Erving’s image with a 3 headed lion on his head.

Who is Dorýs Madden?

Julius Erving and Dorys Madden
Julius Erving and Dorys Madden

Dorýs Madden came to the States from Honduras when she was 19-years old. She attended Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia where she graduated as valedictorian. She attended Morehead State University, where she studied business administration and accounting.  Later, she went back to Morehead State to study social services administration. She graduated from the school with honors. Dorýs has several other degrees under her belt from different universities and institutes. According to her official site, she completed her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston, Texas, Master’s in Computer Science from New York Institute of Technology, University of Houston, and her Ph.D. from the University of Texas.

Mrs. Ervings Early Life and Educational Background

Dorýs is the daughter of Mauricio and Lydia Ramirez. Mauricio was a pastor who is a businessman and a consultant. Since their father’s job was quite successful, the couple was able to have a comfortable upbringing and education. Their father was the co-founder of the Centro Nacional de Salvacion, Honduras, which now is known as Centro Sin Fronteras.  While their parents were in Honduras, they only had each other to their parents’ care. According to the couple, growing up in Honduras helped to mold their true values and build a strong foundation for their life.  In Honduras, Dorýs used to be a cheerleader in high school and was a member of the Extracurricular Activities. She is a great dancer and musical artist.

Dorýs Madden’s Family & Kids

Dorýs Madden Family
Dorýs Madden Family

Dorýs Madden has been married to Dr.J for a while now. The couple has two beautiful children. Princess Love is the oldest child. She is a model and actress. She is 5-years old, and she was born on 14th of November, 2011. Dr.J Erving has a son named Mosley Jr. He is 1-year-old and was born on 20th of July, 2014. The Erving’s house is an iconic mansion built in 1971 in Timonium, Maryland. It was estimated to have a cost of $7 million, and now worth a minimum of $20 million. It is located in a exclusive neighborhood of Baltimore.  Dr.J’s wife, Dorýs is an internet personality. She has over 850,000 followers on her Twitter account. Dorýs’s attributes her internet fame to her enthusiasm, exuberance, and willingness to talk about anything.

Dorýs’ Love Life and Husband

After attending a Christian school, Dorýs came to live in the US at the age of 11. Her mother raised her there while Dorýs Madden worked as a caregiver.  It was at this point that Dorýs met her future husband, Dr. J. Julius Erving. Dr. J was a native of Medford, Massachusetts but made his name as a basketball player who set records in the early 1980s. A very popular basketball player in the 80s, Dr. J’s team, the Philadelphia 76ers, won the 1983-1984 National Basketball Association (NBA) Championship. He was the first NBA player to record a triple-double in a game.  Julius Erving proposed to Dorýs at the restaurant in front of his friends and staff at a barbecue in 1997. They got married two years after his proposal. They then moved to Connecticut and later settled in Plano, Texas.

Dorýs Net Worth and Professional Life

Dorýs has a fortune of millions. Dorýs Madden works as an internet personality, motivational speaker and nutritionist. The 50-years old has contributed immensely to her husband’s success, particularly in all his businesses. The couple has been married for more than 20 years and are still very much in love. After her graduation, Dorýs Madden started working for a major retail store. In 1999, Dorýs Madden moved to the United States and got married to Erving.  Julius Erving is a successful retired basketball player and businessman. The Australian born star earned his Master’s degree in sports management from Columbia University in New York. He is a US Citizen and a coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. His net worth is over $30 million. The 8-time NBA All Star also played in the 1972 and 1976 Olympic Games.

FAQ about Dorýs Madden

The profile of Dorýs Madden is quite an interesting one. She is an online media personality with an impressive following. In her time, she has married the one of the biggest names in the basketball world. A personality that was married to an NBA legend has a lot to learn. So, we have gathered some questions to find out more about her.  Is Dorýs Madden an ex-lovers?  No. Dorýs is not even a divorcee. This is why she can be married to Julius for more than a decade now. Even, though she has not parted ways with the former Philadelphia 76ers superstar, she is not married. The pair has never been seen together in any public event, therefore, they cannot be labelled as ex-lovers. In fact, she once stated that she still loves her ex-husband.

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