Emily Rinaudo Mizkif’s Sister: Everything You Need to Know

Emily Rinaudo Mizkif's Sister Everything You Need to Know
Emily Rinaudo Mizkif's Sister Everything You Need to Know

Emily Rinaudo is known for her gorgeous photos on Instagram. She loves experimenting with makeup and her posts always reflect her creativity. Emily works as a model, Instagram influencer, and singer. The 25-year-old also does part-time web development at a small marketing agency.  According to her IMDB profile, Emily Rinaudo got her first big break when she was selected as a model for the NYFW brand. The California girl walked the runway for American clothing label Grey Day and looked absolutely stunning.  In 2014, Emily Rinaudo auditioned for a role in the psychological horror movie, The Uninvited. She was featured as a young girl who discovers that her family has a hidden agenda.

Mizkif’s Sister: Emily Rinaudo leaked pack

Although Emily hasn’t commented on her relationship status, her social media pages are full of snapshots of her and her sis. Most of her posts are taken with her and Mizkif in college, and highlight her gorgeous sisters. On Instagram, Emily routinely shares snapshots with her four siblings, who she’s always pictured with.  Emily’s Instagram page is flooded with selfies and photos, some of which have the couple the lovebirds (or the clan) posing on the school stage. In the captions, Emily reveals how she takes care of her siblings. Her sister Lauren is a model and the most popular influencer on social media. She has 191 thousand followers, who adore her bohemian style and healthy diet.

Emily Rinaudo Mizkif's Sister

is Emily Rinaudo Mizkif’s Sister?

Emily Rinaudo is a model and the daughter of actor Jack Rinaudo and Alison Kay. She is currently studying music at Humber College in Toronto, Canada. Emily married Spencer Jones, a web developer, in July 2016. The couple split after a year. In an interview, she has confirmed that she will no longer be using the last name Mizkif. She made her debut in January 2013 on the cover of fashion magazine Juicy Couture, and she has appeared in various advertisements.  Emily Rinaudo’s Life After Split With Mizkif  Emily’s breakup with Mizkif was sad for the couple’s fans. However, they were relieved that the model was able to find happiness with Connor. Emily has been hanging out with Connor, who is 11 years older, for more than a year.

Meet Emily Rinaudo Family & Boyfriend

Emily Rinaudo is the eldest of three siblings, and the second to get into showbiz. Her sister Emily is the famed social media influencer who has a following of millions of people. Emily has gained fame for her portrayal of her sister on the popular reality series MizKif: Rini-Town. The show follows the daily lives of Emily and her sister, Emily Rinaudo. The siblings have been involved in a custody battle after Emily went to jail for money laundering, her brother continues to live with her. Rinaudo’s real name is Leah Rinaudo, and she is the second child of Emily and David Rinaudo. Emily was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Rancho Palos Verdes. She is the fourth out of five siblings in her family.

Mizkif's Sister

Mizkif’s Sister Emily Rinaudo Career

Emily’s Instagram account is filled with pictures of her modeling and other various activities she likes to do. On most of the pictures, she appears wearing skimpy outfits with midriff baring. She is currently living in Los Angeles where she is working as a model. She recently posted a picture on her Instagram account where she was pictured hugging a brown bear cub.  On the other hand, Mizkif’s Sister Emily has been one of the most followed Instagram models and Instagram influencers. She started to gain a massive fan base on Instagram when she started to comment on other people’s pictures. This boosted her popularity when she started posting photos on her own account.  At first, Emily appeared in the video game-themed Instagram accounts, particularly one called ROXY.

Net Worth Emily Rinaudo

Emily Rinaudo’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million dollars. Emily’s net worth is linked to her successful modeling career. The 25-year-old American Instagram star has appeared in magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Elle, as well as in campaigns for brands like Guess. Emily has earned a net worth of $2.1 million in 2017. Her fortune is partly linked to her successful modeling career.  Twitch Streamer Emily Rinaudo  Emily Rinaudo started her Twitch stream in early 2016, after she started streaming on the social platform, using the screen name epoxygirl. The following year, Emily Rinaudo’s channel achieved over 10 million viewers. This means that the 25-year-old American model has a subscriber base of over 10 million people.

Emily Rinaudo

Emily Rinaudo Personal Life

Emily is an American Instagram model and social media personality. Unlike many other model recruiters, Emily has a degree in Business Management and Communications. In late 2017, she released a memoir called ‘Crickets’, about her struggle to make it as a model, not to mention the effect of social media on her career.  Advertisement  Emily Rinaudo Net Worth  Emmy Rinaudo’s net worth is estimated at $1.1 million. Her Instagram page has over 700,000 followers.  Emily Rinaudo Height, Measurements  Emily Rinaudo stands at 5 feet, 5 inches. She weighs in at 98 kilograms. Her body measurements are 35-23-36. Her eyes are brown. She has dark brown hair.  Emily Rinaudo Ethnicity  Emily Rinaudo is a native American. Her birth mother is African American and her father is Scottish.

Controversies of Mizkif’s Sister Emily Rinaudo

The year 2016 was a rough one for Emily. Having turned 26-years-old, Emily faced serious health issues. She was in a car accident in which a man died. The man was the founder of a popular fashion company, which resulted in her facing legal charges. In a series of posts, Emily told fans that she was devastated by the accident and was depressed. She soon underwent a surgery to remove part of her skull.  Emily Rinaudo’s Sister and Emily Keating’s Family: A Relationship Timeline  The news about Emily’s health shocked many fans and followers of Connor. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Emily addressed her relationship with Connor. She said:  “I hope I can talk to Connor about how hard that year was for me.


Although Emily is a famous model and Instagram influencer, she is yet to take a big step in her life as an adult. She has been rejected by multiple modeling agencies and has failed to impress modeling recruiters. Although she made some impressive photographs, most Instagram users may still not recognize her. With these stunning photos and great modeling skills, she may not be able to break the mold in the fashion industry, but we can still expect to see more from this gifted model.

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