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Have you ever felt tranquil, energized, or cheerful in the presence of flowers? Flowers are more than just beauty and scent; you are not inventing such feelings. A single flower can have several meanings. The question now is, who determined the symbolism of the flowers? It had to be the Victorians! They were the ones who thought flowers were worth more than they were. Because it was deemed unethical to exhibit one’s romantic feelings in public at the time, people began expressing their love through send flowers online. They displayed flowers and meanings in a unique Victorian floral code or lexicon. We have discussed the known and unknown meanings of your favorite flowers below. Let us get started…

Rose – Flowers

Rose’s face comes to mind immediately when we think about love symbolism in flowers. However, few people are aware that not all rose colors indicate love. Only red flowers can convey the sentiment of love. Yellow flowers evoke feelings of friendship and happiness. White flowers are peace and spiritual messages. Pink roses are associated with gratitude, affection, and appreciation. Peach flowers represent modesty. Orange roses are the embodiment of enchantment. With the greatest choice of birthday roses, you may express your feelings and thrill a loved one on their birthday.


Lilies, according to Victorians, symbolized having a Heavenly Connection with someone. In addition to their obvious meaning of compassion, lilies also have an unknown connotation of fertility or the beginning of a new life. As a result, many soon-to-be mothers are now receiving these gorgeous blossoms.

Carnation – Flowers

Carnations, like roses, come in various colors, each with its meaning—some good, some bad. Pink carnations represent Motherly Love. White represents good fortune. Unpredictability is shown with purple carnations. Yellow carnations represent disappointment, whereas striped carnations represent refusal.


Daffodils are often associated with creativity and inspiration. Some people regard them as a symbol of forgiveness. If superstitions are to be believed, offering a single daffodil to someone foretells their misfortune, while gifting a group of these blossoms conveys Joy.

Sunflower – Flowers

Their enormous petals, massive, spherical centers, bright yellow color, and habit of constantly facing the sun lead one to believe that pleasure is the only meaning of these blossoms. If you adore or are devoted to someone, sunflowers will help you express your feelings effectively. The flower is also associated with Pure Thought flower delivery in Gurgaon is available.


While the overall meaning of tulips is “ideal lover” and “fame,” different flower colors express distinct feelings. Tulips in white represent forgiveness. Yellow tulips represent happiness, while purple tulips represent royalty.

Orchid – Flowers

Love! In our century-old love of roses, we frequently overlook other more magnificent, unique, and appealing symbols of the complicated and profound feeling. People generally selected orchids over roses to show their love in the Victorian era since the rarer the flower, the greater your sentiments of love for someone. Aside from that, orchids represent refinement, maturity, and thoughtfulness. These are also among the few blossoms that represent Glorious Femininity.


Secrecy is also represented by the delicate white petals sticking out from a big golden core. If you wish to keep your sentiments private, daisies are the most elegant and courteous way to do so. If your heart is filled with Loyal Love for someone, a bouquet of daisies might help you express it effectively.

Iris – Flowers

If you like someone’s attractiveness, abilities, personality, etc. but are too bashful to express it in person, you may do so through a bouquet of irises. These blooms, especially the purple ones, represent compliments.


Giving a bouquet of these beautiful flowers to a married couple is a fantastic idea because they signify Happy Marriage. Peonies can also express shyness, shame, or anger at being treated unfairly.

Hibiscus – Flowers

Seize the moment, femininity (because of its blooming period, which lasts only a day). This flower has an unusual connotation for Victorians that is not well understood now. According to them, giving a hibiscus to someone implies you recognize and appreciate that person’s delicate beauty. Despite its feminist nature, it is appropriate for both men and women.

Once you understand your favorite flowers’ recognized and undiscovered meanings, and utilize their silent power to express yourself online flower delivery is available.

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