Hair Extensions and What You Need to Know About Them

Hair Extensions and What You Need to Know About Them
Hair Extensions and What You Need to Know About Them

Who doesn’t want beautiful, long, and silky hair that makes you look like an absolute diva? For people who are blessed with naturally long and voluminous hair, it is certainly something to be cherished. But unfortunately, not all women have naturally long tresses due to a myriad of reasons, and the hair extensions come to the rescue.

We all know that famous celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, Crissy Teigen, and Jennifer Lopez, use hair extensions to create their iconic red carpet looks. So even if you don’t have the Rapunzel hair naturally, you can easily emulate their look using the hair extensions specialist Arizona.

Hair Extensions: Why to Use

The major reason why people use hair extensions is to add to the length of their natural hair. They are also great for covering up a lousy haircut or a hair color disaster. One of the greatest benefits of hair extensions is that they don’t damage your hair in any way.

If you want to experiment with some color but are afraid to go through the hair dyeing process, there are different-colored hair extensions that can help you create the look you desire without having to worry about hair damage. Hair extensions are also great for people with thin hair as they can be used to add tremendous volume and density to your hair.

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Using a myriad of heat-involving appliances and chemical-heavy products can damage your natural hair. The hair extensions act as an extra layer of protection between the appliances/products and your natural hair, minimizing the damage.

Hair Extensions: Basics

Real vs. Synthetic

Hair extensions can be categorized into two major groups – ones made from real hair and ones from synthetic fibers. The hair extensions made from real hair will inevitably loo more real and perfect, but it also faces issues that any real hair would come across – fizziness, tangling, etc.

Hair extensions made from synthetic fibres are relatively sturdier, but they do have a plastic-like look and feel to them. While real hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic ones, they definitely last longer.

Types of Hair Extensions

Here are the four major types of hair extensions.

Keratin-Applied Hair Extensions

Keratin-applied hair extensions involve small strands of unprocessed human hair. The keratin process attaches the hair extensions to your scalp by applying the keratin-based dry adhesive at one end following a hot/cold drying treatment. Unlike the clip-ins or other types of hair extensions, heated keratin protein is used to bond the hair extensions to the wearer’s head.

Weaves/Sew-In Hair Extensions

With these hair extensions, you start off by braiding your own hair into cornrows. Then you use a thread and needle to sew the weave into the cornrow or braid. They are majorly used for individuals with thicker hair because of the procedure by which they are applied. It is one of the most popular hair extensions as it provides a seamless and permanent hair styling solution.

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Taped Hair Extensions

The procedure is usually carried out by a hairstyling expert as it involves aligning the hair extensions with your roots and using a heat tool for the glue.

Clip-On Hair Extensions

They come in a ready-to-use form where all you have to do is to clip the hair extension pieces to your own hair. Clip-on hair extensions are the easiest and least permanent of all types of hair extensions.

Keep It Routine-Based

How busy is your routine? Will you be able to take out time to care for your hair extensions? Do you use a lot of heat-involving appliances? Are you living somewhere with extreme weather conditions?

Depending on your response to these questions, you have to decide on what type of hair extensions will suit you the best. For instance, if you do hot yoga or use a lot of heat-based appliances, taped-in extensions might not be the best option for you, whereas keratin-bonded ones would work way better.

Color Coding

While using contrasting hair extensions does sound interesting, you have to make sure that the color goes well with your natural hair. They will not be able to blend perfectly in naturally balayage or ombre hair. It is recommended to use the same-colored hair extensions as your natural hair. Also, if you are using real hair extensions, you can get them attached first and then get your hair dyed the desired color.

Care Alert

When you finally get your hair extensions, it is incredibly crucial that you take good care of them. Also, you have to ensure that the hair extensions you select are good for your hair. Pick the appropriate and lightweight hair extensions so that they don’t pull hard on your natural hair, breaking and weakening them.

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For good hair extension care, follow a regular brushing routine, opt for natural products that offer hydration, and stay away from chemical-heavy treatments or products. When you go to get your hair extensions attached, choose a professional who has expertise in the field to get the desired result.

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