Internet Providers in Los Angeles, CA

Internet Providers in Los Angeles, CA
Internet Providers in Los Angeles, CA

When you are moving into a new city, there are many things you must consider – one of which is the cost of living. Groceries, commute, electricity bills, telephone availability, the nearest vegetable stores, the nearest schools and libraries, all of these are some essentials that one cannot imagine living without. But while these are the most obvious costs of living without a good internet connection in your home is just as impossible as living without electricity. Many of us would not admit it, but major parts of our lives are heavily dependent upon internet connectivity. And rightfully so.

There is no denying that the internet has taken over many aspects of our lives, and has made them much easier as well. A good example to back up this statement is smart home technology. All the smart home devices, ranging from home security and baby monitoring devices to remotely controlled smart lights, need a high-speed internet connection. So, a city without stable internet connectivity is not likely to be a favorable living place for anyone!

But, fortunately, that is not the case with Los Angeles, CA. The city is packed with Los Angelenos who enjoy a wide variety of internet providers. Since the city is so huge and diverse, its internet infrastructure is also just as developed and spread out. You will find several, if not all, types of internet connections. The city is said to be the 19th most well-connected city in the country and has major providers like AT&T and Spectrum operating there to provide their excelling services. As compared to other cities, you will find a good variety of fiber internet providers in the city. In fact, there is 37% availability of fiber internet in Los Angeles, CA.

You can discover the best internet providers in Los Angeles, CA, by putting in your ZIP code on BuyTVInternetPhone. Once you are redirected to a page full of information about providers in your area, there will be nothing stopping you from getting your hands on the best internet deals ever.


It is no surprise that AT&T’s top-of-the-line quality services are readily available in Los Angeles. It has services spread across more than 21 states, and California is one of the lucky ones. The provider has its IPBB services as well as fiber internet. However, it’s best that you opt for AT&T Fiber to experience blazing fast internet to stream, download, share files, and play games online.

There are many reasons why AT&T’s internet services are such a huge hit amongst many users. The provider is world-famous, and it does justice to its reputation by providing generous internet plans and packages, along with a dependable customer service too. Here are some reasons AT&T qualifies as one of the best internet providers in Los Angeles, CA.

  • No annual contracts

No annual contracts mean you are secure from unexpected price hikes, early termination fees, and free to switch providers any time. Whether you choose IPBB or fiber internet from AT&T, you are not required to sign a long-term agreement.

  • High-speed fiber internet

Unlike many other providers who promise fiber internet but provide HFC in reality, AT&T offers 100% pure fiber connectivity. As a result, you will be experiencing glitch-free fiber internet speeds that are far better than cable or DSL connections.

  • Top-rated customer satisfaction

ACSI is one of the most reliable sources you can use to understand how reliable an internet provider is. It thoroughly measures and assesses how much customers are satisfied by an ISP, and rates them accordingly. From 2017 to 2020, AT&T has been rated number one in customer satisfaction.

  • The best bundles

Don’t forget that AT&T is also the best provider of bundled services. You can pair up AT&T internet with DirecTV Satellite or DirecTV Stream to get a full-scale entertainment experience.


Spectrum is another widely accessible internet provider in LA. It is also the largest cable provider in the country, so you can subscribe to its internet plans and packages without a second thought. Spectrum internet speeds range from 200 and 1000 Mbps, so you have a good amount of options to choose from. It only offers cable internet for now, so a 200 Mbps plan should be a good starting point for online activities like gaming and video conferencing.

Starting at $49.99 a month, Spectrum can prove to be an affordable internet provider in Los Angeles, CA. However, if you choose Spectrum bundles, you might as well enjoy better cost benefits. Not only this, but Spectrum is one of the most flexible ISPs with its following features and privileges:

  • No contract

Just like AT&T, Spectrum also does not require you to sign a long-term contract.

  • No modem fee

You get a free-of-cost modem with all your internet plans. However, if you want to get a router as well, a small fee of only $5 is charged per month.

  • Contract buyout

If you are stuck with another ISP in its long-term contract, Spectrum has got your back. It promises to buy out the contract for whatever period of the term is left.

  • No data caps

All Spectrum internet plans and packages come with unlimited data. This lets you enjoy endless streaming, heavy downloads & uploads, play games, and do much more.

  • Money-back guarantee

 In case you just want to shop around and test the various internet providers in Los Angeles, Ca, then Spectrum is where you need to pick up from. Its 30-days money-back guarantee makes it ideal for you to just figure out your needs and decide carefully for yourself.


Satellite internet is practically the best alternative for people who don’t have access to wired connections. While it is often associated with rural internet, it can still be useful in cities as developed as LA. Satellite internet is practically available everywhere, thanks to its wireless mechanism that depends only on radio waves. Just by installing a satellite dish on your rooftop, you can get a stable internet speed ranging between 25 and 150 Mbps.

One of the most amazing satellite internet providers is HughesNet, and it is readily available in all parts of Los Angeles, CA. The provider offers only one speed tier, 25 Mbps. However, what varies is the data allowance you get with each data allowance. You can learn about its 4 data alliance tiers and their prices by speaking to an expert at 1-855-349-9309.

HughesNet’s 25 Mbps speed tier is perfect for streaming Netflix, playing basic games, and sharing medium-size media files. It is not meant for users who have heavy internet usage, or large family homes. You will prefer having a HughesNet internet subscription in LA for the following reasons:

  • $20 savings for 6 months

The first 6 months of your subscription will offer you $20 savings on the total monthly bill. This can be a great way to ensure that your high-speed internet connection does not cost you an arm and a leg.

  • Gen 5 satellite internet

HughesNet has been providing some of the best satellite services for many years now. Therefore, it has at least satellite internet tech that you can use in LA.

  • Advanced Wi-Fi equipment

With built-in Wi-Fi, dual-band channels, and guest Wi-Fi networks are all some features that come with your HughesNet internet equipment.

How to Choose an Internet Provider?

Before you go ahead and subscribe to your favorite internet plan, make sure you know exactly what you are dealing with. Choosing an internet provider is a decision that should not be taken for granted. You must make the choice very carefully, by considering the following factors:

  • Customer service

Your ISP should be constantly on your beck and call. This is because you don’t want to get stuck with internet outages and technical problems with your internet modems. With reliable support from your ISPs, you can solve these issues quickly. If your ISP’s customer service makes delays in solving your issues or catering to your needs, your whole experience with them will be ruined. After all, internet speed is not the only thing you need to be happy with your ISP.

  • Speed tiers available

When you are selecting an ISP, make sure you have checked out the various speed tiers it has to offer. If this information is not provided to you on their website, call their customer support to gather all the info you can. It is important that you know about all their speed tiers, so you don’t end up paying unnecessary amounts of money to a speed tier that you don’t even need. AT&T internet is perhaps the best example of how a good ISP should be offering various speed tiers. Starting from as low as 10 Mbps and going up to 1000 Mbps, AT&T has something to offer to all types of internet users and customers.

  • Contract requirements

If you are in LA for a short while or going to move houses soon, then make sure you are not getting tied to a long-term contract. Most providers will require you to sign a long-term agreement, at least for a year. As a result, you get to enjoy some privileges like special discounts and promo prices for the whole agreement period. However, once this agreement period is over, you might see significant price hikes. Plus, if you wish to move or cancel the service before the end of the agreement term, you will be charged a hefty early termination fee.

This is not to say that a long-term agreement is always a bad choice. You can opt for a contract-based internet service if you are 100% sure about them. Or, you might be able to have the ISP relocate their services with you in your new home. In such cases, contracts don’t seem to be that bad of a situation.

  • Hidden costs

Lastly, your internet subscription is not the only thing you will pay for. Be mindful of the additional and hidden costs that many ISPs do not necessarily communicate. It’s important that you consider this factor yourself and inquire about all the important costs that you would be paying eventually. Some of these costs include one-time costs, while others are variable and some are avoidable. A genetic list of hidden costs that you may have to bear is given below:

  1. Installation fee (one-time fee, avoidable if the ISP allows self-isolation like Spectrum.
  2. Equipment rental fee: variable, monthly, avoidable if ISP lets you use your own equipment.
  3. Cancellation fee: one-time fee, variable depending upon your term agreement.
  4. Taxes and surcharges: variable, not avoidable as these are government-imposed, most of these are monthly.
  5. Activation fee: one-time, not avoidable in most cases.

Wrapping it Up!

Finding a reliable internet provider in Los Angeles, CA, is not difficult anymore. You can find a bunch of renowned providers in the city just by searching “fiber internet near me” on Google. However, make sure that you have done your research thoroughly well and only from credible sources. Speaking to the official customer support team of an ISP, or browsing through BuyTVInternetPhone should solve this problem for you!

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