Know About Elementor Pro Tool

Know About Elementor Pro Tool
Know About Elementor Pro Tool

The digital era demands a quality digital marketing service for every business. Therefore, brands need to make their digital presence attractive. In this context, there is nothing more profitable than a well-constructed website. A website has to give optimum performance with attractive UX. In addition to it, to entertain audiences, one needs to implement eye-catching features into the website. Hence, to build a website effectively, one has to follow certain techniques and take the help of tools. Elementor Pro is such a tool of WordPress that helps you to build an attractive website. The next segment will discuss this tool briefly.

What is an Elementor Tool?

Elementor is a widely used WordPress plugin that helps to create an attractive user interface and optimized workflow. However, the most important feature of this tool is its templates. There are free and pro versions of Elementor available. With the free version, one can unlock a huge amount of creative ready-to-use designs while the Pro version allows building a website more professionally.

However, one can find Elementor Pro nulled versions available in the market. Though these are tempting to use, individuals should be very careful about their applicability and legal usage.

The features of the Elementor Pro tool are extremely attractive for website owners. The next segment will discuss them.

Features of Elementor Pro Tool

The following are the most important features of the Elementor Pro tool.

  1. Attractive Themes

WordPress themes are created in PHP language. Therefore, it is obvious to learn languages and coding for building the website properly. However, with Elementor Pro, one can use the ready-to-use tools. There are themes for every part of the page. For example,

  • header.php is for the header part
  • footer.php for the footer layout
  • single.php for blog layout etc.
  1. Form Designer

The Elementor Pro helps to create a wide range of forms with attractive interfaces. One can get the form widgets such as,

  • URL
  • Text
  • Email
  • Text area
  • Tel
  • Radio
  • Acceptance
  • File upload
  • Password
  • HTML
  • Hidden
  • Date
  • Time etc.

Business owners can integrate these forms with reCAPTCHA to protect them from fraud. In addition, Elementor Pro allows for the creation of simple structures of long forms.

  1. Custom CSS

With the Elementor Pro tool, one can input attractive CSS templates on the webpage for a better user interface. In addition, it makes the website more stylish in appearance.

  1. E-Commerce Theme Building

Elementor pro tool is also suitable for building an effective e-commerce website. One can take his or her e-commerce website to the next level by using custom themes.

Without buying expensive themes one can edit the parts of the available themes with the help of Elementor pro. With it, one can create the pages like,

  • Shop page
  • Cart page
  • Product page
  • Check out page etc.

One can use the following widgets to edit their pages,

  • Products
  • Add to cart
  • Custom add to cart
  • Short description
  • Product rating
  • Product data tabs
  • Additional information
  • Upsells
  • Product related etc.
  1. Popup Building Capabilities

This feature allows for the creation of eye-catching popups for websites without even performing coding. There are already over 100 ready-made pop-ups waiting to be used. These are notification bars, email notifications, etc. Moreover, it also enables pop-ups on the following conditions,

  • Arriving from a URL
  • Arriving search engines
  • After X page views
  • Show on particular devices
  • Show on particular web browsers
  • After X sessions etc.
  1. Creating Animation Effects

Elementor pro helps to implement animated effects on a web page. One can do it without performing the Javascript programming with the available widget of the tool. One can implement both the mouse effect and scrolling effect by using these widgets.

  1. Creating Dynamic Websites

One can create a variety of websites such as news portals, blogs, listicles, etc. with the help of this tool. One can create dynamic websites with the help of the following widgets,

  • Site Title
  • Site Logo
  • Post Title
  • Page Title
  • Featured Image
  • Post Excerpt
  • Post Info
  • Posts
  1. Full Site Editing

One can perform full site editing with the tool. For example, if one needs to just edit the header part of the page, that can be done with Elementor’s editing features. At the same time, the footer or blog section can also be edited. So, the tool is a whole package in itself.

  1. Call to Action Integration

It is extremely important to implement effective call to actions on a website. Hence, one can put different CTRs on the website with the Elementor Pro widgets. These are,

  • Send a message
  • Contact in WhatsApp
  • Send email
  • Start a chat
  • Add event to Google Calendar
  • Make a Call etc.
  1. Customized Icons

With the huge icon collection, Elementor Pro helps you to build your website with stylish icons. In addition, one can add custom icons to the website by going to the custom icon tab of the tool.
Therefore, Elementor Pro is an effective tool to build your website with more customized elements and attractive features. However, making a website effective also means making it work faster. For this one should implement WP Rocket along with Elementor Pro to make the Elementor site work faster and better. However, though making a website productive is necessary, WP Rocket nulled or Elementor nulled should not be always chosen to get the benefits. One needs to be very cautious while using the nulled versions of these premium plugins.

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