Reasons to Have an Escape Room Birthday Party

Reasons to Have an Escape Room Birthday Party
Reasons to Have an Escape Room Birthday Party

Need something fun and audacious to do rather than an exhausting party? Here are 15 motivations to host an escape room birthday gathering. 

Arranging a birthday party in Dubai? Is it true that you are now worried about what amount of enhancement, food, cake, and party favors will cost — and if your visitors will even appreciate it? 

From exploding the inflatables to the second the last sliver of wrapping paper is discarded, birthdays can feel more like pressure than a party. 

Imagine a scenario where we let you know there’s a good thought that is reasonable, incredible for all ages, and in particular, fun. 

An escape room birthday party is exactly what you need to get amped up for another lap around the sun. Here are 15 reasons why you should be secured up one of America’s more than 2,000 escape rooms for your next birthday slam! 

Take a stab at Something New 

Extinguishing candles and eating pizza is standard for most birthday celebrations. At times you liven it up with a pool or a bowling alley. 

Consider some fresh possibilities and get bolted inside a room for something really special! 

Lessen Screen Time for Kids 

Arranging a child’s birthday party? Don’t simply set them up before a TV with a film or computer game and consider it a decent time. Kids are checking around seven hours before screens. That is right around an all-day work! 

Make the move and keep them drew in with an escape room birthday! 

Gain Experiences 

Regardless of whether you win or lose, one thing is without a doubt: you’ll always remember an escape room party. There’s simply something exciting about getting secured and tackling a riddle. 

Your loved ones will discuss your escape room party for quite a long time, weeks, even years! 

A good time for All 

Most escape rooms permit players, everything being equal. A couple has age limitations, however, they’re generally restricted. 

In case you’re arranging a child’s birthday party, call early or look at the escape room’s site. Escape rooms are an incredible method to unite whole families for no particular reason! 

Spending plan Friendly 

Overall, a kid’s first birthday costs around $500. The cost just continues moving from that point. 

For the most part, escape rooms cost around $25 to $30 per individual. Since it’s a room, you can restrict the size of your gathering to minimize expenses, as well. 


Into outsider intrusions? Can’t help thinking about what it resembles to be helpless before an insane lab rat? 

As we referenced previously, there are a large number of escape rooms in America. You may even coordinate an excursion in the event that you discover one you totally need to visit that is somewhat far away. 

Whatever the birthday kid or young lady is into, there’s likely an escape room for it. You’d be shocked at the astounding assortment there is out there! 

Sensation of Accomplishment 

Enduring a room gives your gathering an extraordinary inclination. Regardless of whether you don’t understand the entirety of the riddles, you’ll feel achieved for all that you’ve done. 

On the off chance that you know somebody who needs a lift, let them start to lead the pack during the game. Applause kids for their persistent effort and for any riddles they comprehend to assemble their confidence. 

Give a definitive birthday present: the sensation of achievement! 

Easy to Set Up 

Does the idea of planning a scene, shuffling RVSPs and getting all that set up make you sweat? Escape room birthday celebrations remove the entirety of the pressure from party arranging. 

There are no enhancements you need to bring and you don’t need to go to and fro with a setting to get the best arrangement. Simply book a room and advise your party individuals to appear. 


Don’t simply amaze your visitors, shock yourself. No one can tell who’s an escape room genius really taking shape! 

A modest individual may very well start to lead the pack on riddle tackling. Somebody may have a mystery leisure indoor activities in Dubai that is a response to the entirety of the signs in the room. 

Get familiar with your loved ones and shock yourself by fathoming puzzles together! 

Observe Your Victories Together 

On the off chance that you don’t make it out, you actually made some great memories. However, in the event that you win, that will be the feature of the year! 

Simply consider you and your group arising triumphant from an escape room. We ensure there’s no other birthday party as stunning as that one. 

Intrigue Your Crush 

Welcoming a squash to a birthday party is an intense move. In case you will shoot your shot, an escape room party is the best approach. 

You’ll cooperate with your smash and dazzle them with your critical thinking skills. Try not to be bashful — convey that welcome at this moment! 


You’re just as solid as your team within an escape room. Being placed in that circumstance will draw out the best in your birthday group. 

Get secured and place yourself in the weight cooker. Find new ways for you and your companions to cooperate and illuminate puzzles. 

Incredible Group Activity 

Arranging a party on your own implies that you likewise need to plan the diversion. Doing an escape room together deals with a few issues immediately. 

You have the setting, the movement, and the gathering in one spot — simple! 

Holding Activities 

Whenever you’ve been secured a little room with your companions and quest for an escape course, the holding starts. Draw nearer with your birthday pals by attempting to escape an escape room. 

Be a Trendsetter 

Simply think — your party will be what everybody is discussing for quite a while. Your companions will most likely need to host their own birthday gatherings in escape rooms after yours! 

Be an innovator and plan a remarkable and energizing birthday party. 

Plan Your Escape Room Birthday Party Today! 

In the wake of perusing this rundown, you most likely can hardly wait to set up your own escape room birthday party. We wager you will begin looking for escape rooms close to you at the present time! 

Winning or losing isn’t significant in these kinds of games. You’re ensured to have a good time regardless and host a remarkable birthday get-together.

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