The Ultimate Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Blog Content

The Ultimate Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Blog Content
The Ultimate Guide to Writing SEO Friendly Blog Content

In this era where we learn mostly the basics of human science, like talking to people or basic etiquettes from GOOGLE.COM, we must optimize our business concerning search engines. Target customer finds your services or products by a mixture of keywords for example if you have a restaurant, then your audience can search you by writing best restaurants near me or pasta near me or a million different type of mixtures of words. To be discoverable, it is important to be on the radar of SEARCH ENGINES.

These search engines have their techniques or we can say algorithm according to which all of them work. These algorithms are generally used to

  1. They examine the SEO content marketing strategies that you have put online so that they can know more about you and can get permission to see and show others. This process is termed Crawling.
  2. After grabbing your content, they start categorizing your content according to their algorithm. It increases the comfort of the user as they can see directly what they were looking for without actually getting diverted to other stuff. This is termed Indexing.
  3. Now, your SEO content marketing has been learned and categorized as well. User is looking for the type of content you have written and according to the preference of user and algorithm of search engine will provide ranking to your content. This is known as Ranking.

This is a basic process of a search engine to provide relevant content to their audience and a business or organization should take advantage of a search engine by following their algorithm and providing relevant content to the audience. This can be done by providing SEO-friendly blogs for the website. It doesn’t matter from which vertical your website blogs too, all you need to do is provide the relevant content to the audience in the blog form.

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There are certain rules through which you can provide relevant blog content to your audience and that will be SEO friendly as well. All you need to do is follow the given point.

Understanding the audience

It is very important to understand what your audience is looking for. To find that you need to search for keywords. There is a basic framework for understanding customer behavior.

  • See
  • Think
  • Do
  • Care

This framework is known as the foundation framework for understanding the behavior of online customers. Let’s try to understand this point by point.

See defines what are the goals of the customer of which made him come to you? Think about it. If you are hungry, you think of a restaurant. If you have a headache, you think of a doctor. So, what was your client thinking while he decided to come to your organization? If you have the answer, then you are already through LEVEL 1.

Think is trying to ask you how your audience finds you after understanding their goals? Honestly, think about the question they are going to ask. For example, once you understood that you are hungry, you need a restaurant what’s next? You go to a search engine (basically google) and search “Restaurants near me”. This is your path from where your customer is going to find your business. You realize this you will increase your clientele.

Do is the step once they find you and your product. So, the client be like “Okay, now I am here how can I complete my goal?”. Here, you are supposed to convince the visitor (on your website) to click on the button where he can buy your services or products. Now you searched for “Restaurants near me” and “XYZ Cafe” came on top.

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This process will help you in providing SEO-optimized content for the audience by understanding their behavior. Once you right the content relevant to their behavior you can easily grab them.

SEO Content Marketing

SEO Content marketing is that harpoon in the business of search engine optimization which allows you to grab the entire blogging with the fist. When you go for content marketing business you get the entire column of marketing just by writing blogs. All you need to do is monetize your content for marketing purposes. SEO Content marketing can be done in different ways one of them is creating backlinks and the other one is depositing blog posts here and there. Both of the methods have got their value in the field of SEO content marketing.

SEO Content marketing is one of the most efficient ways to write content that is compatible with SEO-friendly blogs.


Here we need to understand that once we have understood the behavior of the audience. All you need to do is to write relevant content for the users not for the search engines. Once the user has been connected to your flow and has understood that you have been providing the best possible content around the point then yes there are no more problems remaining. After this process connects your content with three right meta descriptions and titles. This will improve your relevancy to the content and search engines will be able to provide you a better understanding of the flow. This will be done easily with the help of SEO content marketing.

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After recognizing the importance of SEO-optimized content, you should be more than happy to provide an understanding of your services to a large chunk of the audience by making the content shareable. This shareable content becomes the key in the long run.

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