Things You Must Follow When Writing A Research Purpose Statement

Getting a chance to pursue higher education in one of your dream universities, like the Oxford University of London or the University of Cambridge, England, is a matter of luck. No matter which country you are currently living in, finding ways to these famous universities of the world is some of the common dreams of all. However, along with good luck, an extraordinary previous academic record and a compelling application form fully equipped with all requirements, such as attested copies of all original documents and a purpose statement, are also necessary. Under the scope of this article, we cannot tell you ways to be lucky to define your way to Cambridge. However, the ways to write a perfect research purpose statement can be handled in this article. Let’s start our discussion by defining a personal research statement. 

Research purpose statement:

A research purpose statement refers to a brief statement stating the main objectives of a research project. It is actually a declarative statement that aims to provide guidance about the formulation of research questions. It serves the purpose of a brief introduction to the main problem under discussion; hence, it is part of the introductory paragraphs of a research proposal. Once it appeals to the research committee and you get an acceptance letter from your concerned department, the next step must be to draft a full thesis or dissertation by leading its foundation on this concrete purpose statement. Remember, like hypothesis, purpose statements are not tentative in nature; rather, you have to make it after considering all thick and thin about it, as once it is accepted, you will have no option to step back. 

Things to consider while writing a research purpose statement:

Research proposal and detailed purpose statement are, to some extent, consider serving the same purpose. In-depth, both tell the research committee about what you, as a researcher, want to explore by planning a wonderful research project. Thus, if you are thinking of getting dissertation proposal writing services help at this early phase of the application process, you must go for it. It will indeed prove beneficial for you. Actually, advancement in research is one of the most prominent marking criteria for making the top universities’ international ranking list. In this regard, if your research purpose statement is really appealing to your committee, you do not need further prayers to be lucky throughout the process. All you need to do is to write an appealing research purpose statement and that’s it.

First, define your area of interest:

Area of interest is the foremost thing to consider, as without knowing your own interest, you cannot define a clear path for research. To get knowledge about the latest trends in research, you can seek experts’ help. Your previous supervisor can best help you in this regard.

Review the university’s faculty member’s profiles:

For example, you want to apply for getting admission to any program at Oxford University. You must first visit the university’s home page, then go to ‘faculty profiles’ and search for the one whose research specialization appeals to you the most. In this way, you can at least get the starting point for conducting research to make a purpose statement.

Review university ongoing research projects:

Additionally, another important thing to consider while writing a research purpose statement is again to use the university’s home page to get all the necessary information about its ongoing research projects. In this way, you can define your objectives and research goals to best fit into the ongoing projects, thus, maximizing the chance of getting selected. 

Set your research goal by conducting preliminary research:

No matter whether you seek experts, supervisors, dissertation writers’, or university websites help to draft a purpose statement, you still need to do preliminary research. Research is the only one to make different decisions about the research project and select the best words to draft a perfect statement.

Make a perfect statement describing your research goals and place it in the introduction of the research proposal:

Lastly, while writing a final statement, you must focus on a few more things. Like your research problem, its significance, and possible ways to solve it. If you hint at all these things by making a perfect statement, you will really nail the task.

Final Thoughts: 

Writing a research purpose statement is not at all a technical task, especially for students who are not new to research. In other words, if you have prior research experience, then you can definitely have an appealing purpose statement for your graduate or doctorate research project. Additionally, by keeping in mind the above-mentioned steps, you can minimize the chances of rejection of your application form.

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