Tips to Spice Up Your Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Virtual Town Hall Meeting

Everyone wants its event to be a fun and spicy event. However, it requires some planning and execution of strategies with proper process. Furthermore, the virtual meeting platform experts have some exceptional ideas they would like to share with you. Hence, read the following article and know everything you can do to spice up your event.

8 Tips to Add Some Spice in Your Virtual Town Hall Meeting!

You can find various ways that can be helpful in making your virtual meeting more fun and trendy. But some major aspects that you can not ignore if you want to spice up your virtual town hall meeting are as follows:

1. Kick Start Your Event with An Icebreaker

You can use various icebreakers to get the complete attention of your audiences from the start of your event. Furthermore, starting with a question or fun quiz can make the audience listen to you and do all the work. Your event can be a triumph if you have the audience’s attention and they listen to you carefully. However, the participants may feel low if you start your event with a boring factor. So, try keeping the start of your event fun and enjoyable.

2. Celebrate Your Successes with Your Employees

Employees are an essential aspect of your business. Hence, you must share and appreciate them for all your brand success. You can do this thing in the virtual town hall meeting. The online meeting platform experts suggest implementing some appreciating words and rewards. Furthermore, they must get credit for their work. Your employees will feel more enthusiastic about upcoming work if they will get an appreciation for all the work they do right. However, you can ask your organization director to honor and acknowledge the team members for their hard work.

3. Don’t Make It Too Long; Instead, Stay Focused!

Attendees can feel bored sitting for long in front of the screen. Hence, you have to take care of their entertainment and cut every session and the complete event duration to lower. Furthermore, the participants must get sufficient time to understand every subject but exaggerating the topic too much can also be boring. However, you need to ensure that boredom is far away from your event. It is only possible with correct durations and entertainment aspects in your event. The virtual AGM platform helps to broadcast live stand-up comedy shows, dance performances, singing concerts, magic shows, etc. Hence, you can make your meeting more entertaining with such elements.

4. Offer A Chance to Speak to Everyone

It will become boring if you and you are talking throughout the event. Hence, you must deliver equal chances to everyone at the meeting. Furthermore, you can create a session called Q&A or Discuss or anything you like. Let everyone share their opinions and thoughts with the seniors. However, you can get more chances with the right virtual corporate meeting platform.

  • They offer networking tables that can be helpful in creating a discussion session within 2 to 8 people on a particular topic. The organizer will be able to switch the tables in real-time.
  • You can get the networking lounge, a VIP Area accessible only to a limited audience. It is beneficial for the special delegate meetings.
  • Attendees can request anyone for their business card, and as soon as they approve, the requesting will receive it. Also, they have to accept the request to share their own business card in the meeting.

5. Give Breaks to Attendees Between Every Session

Rest is a very essential aspect of a virtual meeting. The audience needs to get up and take some snacks and drinks in order to get refreshed. Furthermore, every session must have breaks. It can be helpful for audiences to get refreshed and join back the session with more energy. Hence, schedule proper breaks in your meeting while planning your event.

6. Keep Audiences Engaged with Polls And Gamification

Engagement is very important if you want your audiences to stay at your meeting from start to end without getting bored. Furthermore, you can integrate the live poll and AR/VR games into your virtual event. Hence, the virtual team meeting platform experts suggest creating some questions with four options. It can be fun quiz questions or some Bollywood trivia. However, just share it on your virtual event, let the audiences answer it, and provide the solution in real-time. Also, you can make the attendees stay from the start of your event to the end with gamification. Everyone loves to play games, and also you can add a competitive feel to your event with the leaderboard. It can be helpful to show everyone’s live scores.

7. Start Your Creative Mind

What do you usually do in your in-person events and town hall meetings? Just think and get that done in your virtual event as well. The virtual event solutions can get you done with anything you want. Furthermore, you have to plan and share all the requirements simultaneously. Hence, you can create a fully customized town hall meeting by adding your own lobby designs and features.

8. Offer the Various Features to Fill the Language Gaps

Your audience must be global and speak different languages. Hence, you will need to offer them more convenience in order to create manageable communication and connection with the potential customer regardless of their location and culture. Furthermore, you can get the multilingual content feature with the right virtual event platform.

BONUS TIP: Choose the Right Virtual AGM Platform

You can also compare before picking up the virtual town hall meeting platform. Ensure you get the best features and functionalities in your event that can be helpful in boosting communication, engagement, and networking opportunities. Hence, you have to take care of this aspect the most.

So, these are the various tips that can be helpful in spicing things up at your virtual town hall meeting. You can grab the great attention of your audiences across the globe with a fun and entertaining event. So, pivot your boring event to an enjoyable meeting.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in spicing things up at your virtual meeting.

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