Top 8 Shared SEO Tools for Premium Accounts

Top 8 Shared SEO Tools for Premium Accounts
Top 8 Shared SEO Tools for Premium Accounts

Being an SEO analyst, you definitely need a set of tools for smoother optimization. Shared SEO tools are very useful for digital marketing, and you can buy them at an affordable price for premium accounts

This set of tools comes together as a pack, so you don’t need to spend much buying individual tools. Instead, you can get every tool together as a set.

What are Shared SEO Tools?

Shared or Group buy SEO tools are the ones that come in a group and provide multiple services to the users. You can choose multiple tools depending on your usability and use them for specific tasks. However, certain platforms allow multiple users to access the tools for their tasks. In addition, there are several premium account shops where you can buy these tools at your affordable budget.

8 Best Shared SEO tools 

While opting for shared SEO tools, you can find many platforms that provide premium tools to cater for your needs. However, we are listing the 10 best tools below:


It is one of the most efficient tools, with over 30 tools for its subscribers. To avail the service you can select your preferable tool according to your work and budget from the categories. However, to access the tools, you have to use Chrome Extensions according to the instruction of the platform.

 Moreover, as multiple users use the shared tools, there are certain chances of data being stolen by others. Therefore, provides you with extra security to protect the privacy of every user.


If you are looking for a huge collection of tools at a time, opt for to choose from 100+ tools. The best part is that other than SEO tools, you can also buy Amazon tools at the same price and experience uninterrupted usage. Apart from that, this platform provides you customer support regardless of time whenever you face any problem using the tools.

 Though, according to the rules of SEORDP, you cannot use these tools on more than one platform. However, if you log out from one device, you can log in from any other and use the tools.

3. SEOtoolAdda

This is undoubtedly the top rated among the several options considering the quality and quantity of facilities it provides. With more than 40 tools, you can perform your SEO, writing, designing and many other kinds of stuff. In addition, it is designed with famous shared SEO tools like Ahref, Moz, Jungle scout and many more. 

Moreover, it has attractive packages to fit your budget and choices. However, it has certain limitations as it can be used in a single device and operated by a single user. 


The combo package of lets you browse tools for every single task with a guarantee of 95% uptime in its performance. Moreover, its 20 above tools are designed to use in 2-3 devices without any interruption. 

However, you can use these tools after installing 2 Chrome extensions and enjoy a safe browsing experience. Apart from that, it is pocket friendly and comes in your affordable range.

5. provides you with single tools at a discounted price, according to your needs, besides the shared ones. It comes in an affordable price range and has easier user features, which you can also operate from direct account credentials.

However, always use these tools in a single device to avoid the risk of getting restricted. Therefore, to make your work more effective, opt for


It lets you choose from one of the largest lists of tools and lets you customize them according to your needs. Moreover, it assists you 24×7 in case of any operational issue. 

However, the biggest drawback of this platform is that they do not guarantee your data safety. The other people with whom you share the platform can view and further research it.


If your work is hampered, opt for this platform without further security breaches. It ensures 100% data protection from other participants. However, they offer a wide range to choose from, but you can’t find the list of tools without the registration procedure. So, get today for a safe and secure operation of SEO tools.


With its three attractive packages of tools, is one of the best tools for SEO experts, designers, writers, and others. Moreover, it assures an uninterrupted service of 100% uptime for a smoother and faster performance. 

The best part is it has a 7-day refund policy to get back your hard earned money if your tools are not working properly. However, if you violate any rule and your account gets restricted, you are not eligible for the refund policy.

Ways To Search for The Perfect Package

Before deciding which tools you should buy, consider the following for better results.

• Select the list of tools according to your requirements.

• Choose an affordable group with attractive features.

• Know usage restrictions.

• Go through the company’s privacy policy.


After researching all these tools, you can choose the one that best suits your requirement and budget. Then, you can visit the online premium account shop and purchase the selective tools with exceptional features for SEO practices and writing. 

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